High-Magnification Visual Inspection System

Portable design, auto-focus, and adjustable Z-height HD camera. Provides productivity gains and greater operator ergonomics and accuracy. Optional software enables image capture, annotation, and measurement.


High-Definition Inspection Station

Ergonomic solution for component and product quality, with adjustable LED lighting and XY table, for mechanical, medical, plastics, and electronic industries. Optional software for image capture, annotation, and measurement.


High-Magnification Workstation

Portable solution for inspection, repair, and rework with greater Z-height HD camera positioning and magnification. Flexible LED lighting adjusts brightness and contrast. Optional tote packaging allows easy set-up and use.


Portable Visual Inspection Device

This lightweight video magnifier is a mobile solution for quality and process control, with LCD display and integrated LEDs for handheld or table-top use so operators can capture and store images for collaboration.

High Magnification Inspection Systems

Our visual inspection systems are developed specifically for the industrial inspection market to fit the advancing needs of the microscopic inspection industry. Each HD system has been created for ease of use and is ergonomically designed to reduce operator strain, resulting in increased accuracy and improved productivity.

These high-definition systems are a more cost-effective, operator-supportive solution than traditional microscopes. They can be used in multiple industries and departments, including consumer and industrial electronics, mechanical parts, automotive, forensics, medical, micro-assembly, micro-repair, and quality control.