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Electronic Components are used in nearly every industry and every area of life today. The components themselves come in all shapes and sizes, and their defects are equally varied. These basic elements of electronics systems must themselves be of a quality and origin that are above reproach, or they can contribute to a failed automobile engine, mobile phone, or artificial heart.



The automotive industry uses both micro- and macro-machined parts in metal and plastic. This means inspection lines encounter many different types of components and assemblies. Components include valves, gears, stabilizing bars, sensors, and a host of others that go into assembly of the vehicle. The automotive industry is extremely cost-driven, due to constantly changing market preferences. However, it is even more quality-driven. The best way to avoid the high cost of recalls is to catch failures before they occur.




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Forensic science gathers and examines information about the past, which can then be used in a court of law. Technicians inspect fingerprints, signatures, crime scene details, hair samples, and other physical pieces of evidence. They also inspect currency to assess potential for counterfeiting. Unlike the image projected in various popular crime dramas, most forensics is done in a lab in highly rigid environments.