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Media Contact: Terence J. Clas
Email: Info@FSInspection.com

Horizon Sales Appointed to Exclusive Distributor for FSInspection in the Midwest

(St. Petersburg, Florida - October 01, 2014)

FSInspection, a division of Freedom Scientific, is pleased to announce the appointment of Horizon Sales as its exclusive distributor throughout the Midwestern U.S. In addition to offering in-house demos at customer facilities, Horizon Sales will house five demo units – three at its office in Michigan and two at its Chicago facility. Designed for today’s industrial markets, the new FSInspection series includes the HDMag® High-Magnification Visual Inspection Station, X-Mag™ Machine Vision Station and PKMag® 50 Portable Visual Inspection Device.

Dave Trail, President and principal owner of Horizon Sales commented, “We are very excited to offer this brand new line of high-quality inspection and review stations to our growing customer base here in the Midwest. Camera/monitor viewing stations have been around in our industry for some time but this is a breakthrough product when it comes to price / performance ratios. We have already seen a great deal of interest in the stations and expect these to become a must-have for industrial inspection.” Horizon Sales manages and sells to the Midwestern states of: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania, and recently added Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin. In business for more than 20 years, Horizon has supplied equipment and supplies to some of the most well-known names in the industry. For more information, visit www.horizonsales.com

FSInspection’s high-quality, industrial inspection solutions provide greater productivity, improved operator accuracy, and are more ergonomic and cost-effective vs. traditional microscopes. The result is a cost reduction in the overall quality inspection process

About FSInspection

FSInspection offers high-magnification visual inspection systems for industrial markets including; electrical, mechanical, and plastic components and assemblies, as well as medical devices and research labs. FSInspection’s high-quality visual work stations are easy to use and more ergonomic and cost-effective than traditional microscopes. The systems are developed specifically for industrial inspection applications. FSInspection software provides capabilities to zoom, label, store, and share images including dimensional measurement of objects for quality control and audit tracking, making them a valuable tool throughout the production area and warehouse. FSInspection is a division of Freedom Scientific.

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