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Media Contact: Terence J. Clas, Vice President, Business Development
Email: Info@FSInspection.com

Introducing the New VERSAMag® High-Definition Inspection System from FSInspection

(St. Petersburg, Florida - October 20, 2015)

FSInspection introduces the VERSAMag® High-Definition Inspection System. The new inspection system combines advanced technology and a portable design with a high-resolution camera to produce sharp images at all magnification levels. The VERSAMag has a multi-axis, high-resolution camera that tilts and rotates for multiple-angle inspection. The adjustable Z-height arm provides the versatility to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes. This portable and flexible inspection system magnifies up to 155x and includes real-time video inspection, flexible working heights, and intuitive controls.

The VERSAMag is an ergonomically designed, high-quality visual inspection system with measurement and annotation capabilities when paired with FSInspection software. FSInspection software is an easy-to-use measurement and image processing platform that enables the VERSAMag operator to provide detailed inspection documentation and reporting. Operators can capture, annotate, store, and share images, including dimensional measurement of objects, for quality control and audit tracking. FSInspection software and VERSAMag form a powerful measurement and image processing inspection system, making this an invaluable tool throughout the production area and warehouse.

The VERSAMag is versatile enough to use in numerous production areas, such as electronics manufacturing and distribution, counterfeit detection, mechanical manufacturing and machining, forensics, micro-mechanics, automotive, micro-assembly, medical device, quality control tasks, or in a laboratory. Visit our website for more information about the VERSAMag High-Definition Inspection System. To view videos highlighting VERSAMag and our other inspection products, visit FSInspection on YouTube.

About FSInspection

FSInspection offers high-magnification visual inspection systems for industrial markets including; electrical, mechanical, and plastic components and assemblies, as well as medical devices and research labs. FSInspection’s high-quality visual work stations are easy to use and more ergonomic and cost-effective than traditional microscopes. The systems are developed specifically for industrial inspection applications. FSInspection software provides capabilities to zoom, label, store, and share images including dimensional measurement of objects for quality control and audit tracking, making them a valuable tool throughout the production area and warehouse. FSInspection is a division of Freedom Scientific.

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