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High-Definition Inspection Station

HD Mag

The HDMag® is perfectly positioned to provide greater assistance in SMT inspection, repair and rework, and in the fight of counterfeit part and component detection by improving inspection accuracy and efficiency. The ergonomic design and integrated monitor combined with the HDMag Software provides convenient collaboration among peers and supervisors, as well as real-time sharing with suppliers and/or customers. The ergonomic design also promotes good posture and reduces operator eye, neck, and back strain.

HDMag was awarded the 2015 NPI Award for Repair and Rework Tools

  1. Up to 127x magnification
  2. Several people can view the image at the same time for easier training and collaboration
  3. Intuitive and easy-to-use controls
  4. Measurement and image capture capabilities

FSInspection Software is an intuitive, powerful measurement and image processing software designed to reduce errors and ensure product specifications are met during the visual inspection manufacturing process.

  1. Image capture
  2. Measure linear and circular dimensions on real-time and captured images
  3. Annotate images with detailed descriptions and append your company logo
  4. Save, print, and share your images in JPEG or TIFF files

System requirements

  1. HDMag connected to a PC (USB connectivity)
  2. Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

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Advanced. Accurate. Affordable.

HDMAG inspection station fits your needs

High-definition magnification, ample workspace, adjustable lighting, a gliding XY table, the ability to capture images with detailed descriptions*, and measurement* capabilities all in a single station.

The generous display monitor can be used for individual inspection or repair, superior collaboration on product quality verification, and for training purposes.


  1. Real-time video inspection
  2. Brilliant, HD image quality
  3. Sleek, industrial inspection station reduces eye, neck, and back strain
  4. Smartly designed controls are simple and intuitive
  5. Easily inspect every area of an object on the XY table that smoothly glides in all directions, locks in place for stability, and has pre-drilled holes for mounting to fit your needs


  1. Measurement features at all magnification levels
  2. Adjustable, built-in LED lighting surrounds and highlights the viewing object at different angles
  3. Manual focus override to easily examine all surfaces of 3-D objects
*FSInspection Software is required

Magnify up to 127x Auto Focus Manual High definition measure capture

Two Types of Computer Connectivity

1. Connect your computer’s VGA output to the HDMag, and use the same monitor to inspect articles and view computer information. Just push a button to toggle between them.

2. Connect the USB cable and install our optional FSInspection Software. You can view a live image on your PC screen, and then easily capture and save it as a JPEG or TIFF file. You can also append your company’s logo to the image and tag the image with relevant data for later retrieval.


H5in x W17.2in x D17.3in / 63.5 cm x 43.7 cm x 43.9 cm
Working Height under camera
H5in x W17.2in x D17.3in / 63.5 cm x 43.7 cm x 43.9 cm
HDMag 100 Camera only: varies
HDMag 200, 20-in / monitor: 1.5x to 103x
HDMag 220, 22-in / monitor: 1.8x to 125x
HDMag 240, 24-in / monitor: 1.8x to 127x
32.8 lbs/14.1 kg
41.0 lbs/18.6 kg
42.1 lbs/19.1 kg
43.7 lbs/19.8 kg
Power Supply
Input voltage 100-240V AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Single wall plug
XY Table
17.2 in x 17.3 in x 1.83
437 mm x 439 mm x 47 mm
X dimension travel: 16 in/406 mm
Y dimension travel: 10.5 in/266 mm
Variable braking mechanism
On/Off – toggle switch
Freeze Frame – push button
Focus Lock – push button
Find – push button
LED on/off – push switch
Magnification – 16-position dial
Manual Focus – dial
Brightness – dial
Toggle PC/Camera Views – push button
ED Brightness – wheels