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High-Magnification Visual Inspection System

VERSAMag is a lightweight, portable inspection station that can be folded and used anywhere within the production area or warehouse. VERSAMag features an exclusive multi-axis positioning camera with an adjustable Z-height arm that offers versatility to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes.


High-Definition Inspection Station

The HDMag® High-definition Inspection Station. offers unparalleled comfort. There is no need for operators to hunch over the device to peer into eyepieces.


High-Magnification Workstation

X Mag

The X-Mag’s advanced technology and sleek design integrates a high-definition camera and monitor to offer sharp images at all magnification levels. Small details become crystal clear, providing exceptional inspection of all objects.


Portable Visual Inspection Device

Pk50 Mag

The PKMag® 50 Portable Inspection Device offers high-definition magnification in a convenient and efficient 10.5 ounce package. With a 5-inch LCD display and prominent push-button controls, it is easy for operators to learn and use – no need to hunch over and peer into eyepieces..

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